High Five!

Welcome to High Five- the page just for children.  (Kids?  Kidz?!)  

The number five has long been linked to children’s books.  There’s The Famous Five, Five Children and It, The Five Find-Outers and Dog (we’re ignoring the dog in the head count)… Hmmm, that might be it.  But we love a group of five!

For lots to do with your five senses and five fingers, check out our fantastic fives below!  (Would five sections be taking things too far?)

High Five Quizzes

Which character can balance a book, a cup, an umbrella, a rake, a cake, a fish, a tray and a toy boat?  (Don’t try this at home!)

Whose best friend is a pig called Wilbur?

And if you go ‘second to the right and straight on ‘til morning’, where would you end up?*

If you love puzzling over quiz questions, test your knowledge with some of these from the BookTrust website!

For the ultimate fan of His Dark Materials


How much of a human body expert are you?


Tackle the toughest questions in the known universe


Try this one with the whole family!


Anyone heard of this new boy wizard?


*Psst!  Secret answers!  The Cat in the Hat, Charlotte and Neverland

High Five Activities

Phew!  My brain hurts.  If you find arts, crafts and book-y activities more relaxing, the Puffin website is worth a visit.

Character egg painting for fans of Wonder:


Can you Master these Doctor Who challenges?  (Geddit?)


Spot your favourite activity!  Perfect for puppy loving little ones.


Step back to Victorian times with Clover Moon


Murder!  Mystery!  Download the Murder Most Unladylike game pack and host your own event with friends or family.  It’s to die for… (Sorry.  That was the last pun.)


High Five Reviews

The Good Thieves by Katherine Rundell

The Good Thieves is about a young girl called Vita, who has a disability with her foot.  She manages to get into an enormous adventure, which is very dangerous and very thrilling at the same time.  Along the way she meets some friends: one is a pickpocket called Silk with a talent for pickpocketing you wouldn’t believe, another two are friends from the circus.  One is named Samuel with amazing acrobatic talents, another is Arkady who has a knack with animals.  Together they go on their adventure, working together as they go.

I would recommend it because it is one of Katherine Rundell’s greatest ever books in my opinion.

by Daisy, age 11

Jumblecat by Archie Kimpton

One day, Billy Slipper goes down to Tumbledown Hill and he hears a noise.  He found a cat that was in a very strange shape!  Billy named it Jumblecat and took it to a kind, old lady called Mrs Mandidee.  Jumblecat likes biscuits and talks in a bossy way.

After Jumblecat wins a pet competition, Billy is on TV and gets loads of money for it.  His family have a big party to celebrate but it was all a trick!  His mean mum and sister stole the money for a new car and horrid Colonel Beauvrille stole Jumblecat.  But why does he want him?  Can Billy rescue him in time? 

This book is very funny and interesting.  Billy’s my favourite character because he’s kind to Jumblecat and he’s very good at doing the Jumblecat Jive!

by Arthur, age 8

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