The Greatest Mothers in Children’s Literature?

Generally sidelined, often peripheral and frequently killed off, who are the mothers that stand out in children’s books?  In classic stories, mothers tend to fall into one of two categories: evil, such as the many stepmothers in fairy stories, or functional: for example, the only introduction Mother warrants in Milly Molly Mandy is, ‘Mother cookedContinue reading “The Greatest Mothers in Children’s Literature?”

The Greatest Girls in Children’s Literature?

In honour of the UN International Day of the Girl on 11th October, here is a collection of some of the best written girls- often mighty, sometimes flawed, always memorable. In previous generations, girls have had some inspiring role models in children’s classics.  Characters who acted within society’s expectations were balanced with others who subvertedContinue reading “The Greatest Girls in Children’s Literature?”

11 ways to encourage reading at home

A common challenge that many families face is helping children to have a love of reading.  While some children seem to naturally devour books without encouragement, others seem disinterested in reading in their free time.  So how can families help encourage reluctant readers? Leave books around the house- and car! For children to be drawnContinue reading “11 ways to encourage reading at home”

Help! My child will only read…

We are living in a golden age for children’s literature, with incredible authors such as S F Said (The Outlaw Varjak Paw, Phoenix) and Polly Ho-Yen (Boy in the Tower, Fly me home) producing future classics.  But many children cling to the first series they enjoy, with no inclination to explore further.  Should you worryContinue reading “Help! My child will only read…”

How can I support my dyslexic child?

As a primary school teacher with 17 years’ experience, I’ve worked with many dyslexic children.  School staff are used to using their experience and strategies to help pupils in their learning at school.  However, having my own dyslexic child has given me a very different insight to that of my hours in the classroom.  ThisContinue reading “How can I support my dyslexic child?”